Music and your wellbeing

Did you know music plays a big part in our lives, in fact research indicates that music stimulates the body’s natural feel good chemicals, endorphins and oxytocin. These chemicals help boost your mood and provide a channel for you to take control of your feelings.
So how can music support your wellbeing?
Research suggests that listening to music can help you to;
· Manage stress
· Promote wellness
· Enhance memory
· Promote recuperation
· Express feelings
· Improve communication
· Ease pain *did you know that music reduces your brain’s awareness of pain if you’re
  focusing on the music?
Listening to music is a great way to cope in challenging situations, however make sure you are listening to something that is upbeat and uplifting that will improve your mood and energy. The wrong type of music may actually make you feel worse.
So how can you ensure music has a positive effect?
Determine the effect music has on you, by considering the following points;
· Is there a certain style of music that makes you feel better / worse?
· Are there certain artists or bands that makes you feel better / worse than others?
· Does music change your mood, if so how?
Once you are aware of the above effects then you can start to use the information to improve our wellbeing. Think about it – if you normally listen to your music in shuffle mode and you are in a low mood and something melancholy starts playing what do you think the effect on your mood will be? Instead have various playlists that you know will help you improve your outlook in positive a way.
Why not have a go at creating a few playlists that are ready to go when you need it;
· Your happy music
· Music to wake you up
· Music to energise you
· Improve your mood
· To wind down
Singing at the top of your lungs (I love doing this but my husband would disagree) or dancing around (don’t save your dancing just for parties and festivals) is just as beneficial in stimulating those happy hormones. Selecting and monitoring your music is a very useful technique to feel more in control of your emotions and wellbeing.
Get those playlists primed, put your dancing shoes on, turn up the sound and get singing.

What songs would be on your playlist?

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