8 Wellness Activities your Business can Introduce Today

That have either minimal or no costs:

  1. Walking meetings – especially effective if you can get out of the office into nature.
  2. Meditation Breaks – encouraging a 10-minute break where they are away from technology and people will help staff to destress and has been proven to refocus their energies and improve productivity.
  3. Mid-day Fitness – you don’t have to offer an onsite gym or fitness classes – if you have space where you can allow employees to have a yoga class via you-tube or encourage them to leave the office for a brisk walk you will see improved fitness and stress relief.
  4. Flu-shots – encouraging staff to take preventative action. Allowing them the flexibility to take the time out during their workday to have them administered if you are not able to offer an on-site option.
  5. Fitness Challenges – a bit of healthy competition. If you have a charity fund you could use this to match any group activities.
  6. Wellness Challenges – encouraging people to drink 8 glasses of water per day, sleeping 7 hours a night, cooking and eating healthy foods rather than takeaways. Further, you could encourage participation by offering a prize for the person who completes the most challenges over a 4 week period.
  7. Suggestion Boxes & Surveys – the best way to find out what your employees will take part in is to ask them. Ask for feedback and listen to what suggestions they are making, you may not be able to offer them all but applying something that your employees have suggested will have more buy-in.
  8. Implement a 4-day Week – Not all businesses can adopt a 4-day working week and pay the same salary as they would a 5-day working week but if you can the advantages of a four-day working week can include reduced costs (a four-day week can cut costs for everyone), happier employees, fewer employee health issues, increase in employee productivity levels and better company recruitment and retention.

The Positive Mindset offers Employee Wellness Programmes to help your business and employees. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is we can help you build a programme around your employees and your businesses specific needs.

Whether it is a simple weekly wellness day to support with issues like stress, anxiety or insomnia, to offering 1-2-1 sessions to help offer confidential support with PTSD, stop smoking, losing weight, and addictions.